Are you enough?

Lots of well-intentioned people want to change the world – a monumental task. 

Often in this pursuit, making becomes about making people feel something. Inspiring people in hopes of changing a circumstance.

But what if you simply made to make? And what if all that changed was yourself? Are you enough?

To change oneself is a monumental task in itself – a change with ripple effects.

Change yourself; change the world.

More, but less often

It's become necessary to reassess what it means to speak publicly, especially in our current era.

I've been reminded that our most important actions may be born through silence. Should we speak more often, substance is quickly lost on the listener – and perhaps even the speaker. But should we wait, think, and ponder, then speak – the substance might reappear as it were before.

Speaking less often gives weight to the words we speak when we finally decide to speak them.

Give yourself space. Let your words ripen. Say more by speaking less.