Scotland: Through Glencoe and Skye

We flew into Edinburgh in the thick of festival season. The city was a party and sure to be lively upon our return - in the meantime, the road was calling. After a couple nights in the city, we set out to traverse the Highlands, Glencoe, and the Isle of Skye.

We had barely scratched the surface of the imminent beauty, but still - we could not put our cameras down. I remember the exact moment in which excitement overcame the three of us. For the next few hours, as we entered Glencoe, we struggled to not stop at every turn. And so we stopped. And stopped. And stopped again, at nearly every turn.

We camped just past Glencoe, at a very full and active campground. We fell asleep to the laughter and gossip of a group of hysterically loud Glasgow women - a night to remember.

Scotland’s landscape inspired me in a way that prompted a thought so important: I want to do this for the rest of my life - this is what I want to do.