Camp South: Spark Session

I recently got the chance to take some portraits at Camp South's very first event - a fundraising event to invest in the future of all things Camp South.

Photo courtesy Camp South

Here's what Camp South is, per their description:

CAMP SOUTH is a new movement, brand and quarterly publication—a collective of writers, photographers and explorers across the Deep South. Through a printed periodical, website, workshops, events and pop-up experiences, this brand will inspire adventure, preserve craftsmanship and build community. 

Motivated by the Great Outdoors and the men and women who explore them, Camp South will be a trusted resource, as utilitarian as it is artful, for exploring the natural bounties of Louisiana and beyond.

Camp South is kind of the brain child of my good friends, Jeff Roedel (225 Magazine) and Lindsey Smith (Maker's Workshop).

Graciously hosted by Gaudet Bros, and Abita Beer on tap, we spent the night to the tunes of St. Frantic and the unbelievable harmonies of Clay Parker and Jodi James.